The first part of the individual honours project. The brief called for a iconic and innovative design for a free standing Cafe facility on the site of the now derelict Belmont Works Factory on Belmont Row, Birmingham, UK. 

Given the freedom of the brief the concepts of mass, materials and they way they effect the user of the building were explored. The design intent is for the Cafe's design to be pure, monolithic and a bold statement of material choice and shape.

The cafe is clad in a nationally sourced Red Sandstone to play on the projects initial concept of the facade appearing to have been born from the earth. The bed rock across the majority of the region is sandstone.

Dubbed Cafe³ following the cafe's perfectly cubic design: 10m (W) x 10m (D) x 10m (H).

19002-AJH-01-XX-DR-A-2004-A GA Elevation
19002-AJH-01-XX-DR-A-2003-A GA Elevation
19002-AJH-01-XX-DR-A-2002-A GA Elevation
19002-AJH-01-XX-DR-A-2001-A GA Elevation
Rednder ISO.jpg
Render ISO Structure.jpg
Stage 1 Render.jpg


Interactive Panorama

Please scan the QR code with your iPhone or Android devices camera to be taken to an interactive panorama of the completed model. Nb. this is compatible with Google Cardboard and other similar VR headsets.

Pano - Cafe.png